Commitment to the state-of-the-art: 

   We are strongly convinced that progress in science demands multidisciplinary approaches, collaborative efforts as well as development of new technologies facilitating innovative discoveries. Therefore, our group uses wide range of techniques and we often expand the repertoire for novel methods. 

Molecular techniques:

DNA cloning
RNA in vitro synthesis
qRT-PCR and expression analysis


Western blotting 
Protein purification from bacterial and mammalian cells
Co-immunoprecipitation and pull-down experiments
Protein complex purification
Mass spectrometry analysis

Cell culture:

Culturing of various cell lines including primary neurons and muscle cells
Transfection of cells with DNA and mRNA
Viral infection 


Animal surgery
Dissection of muscles and brains
Tissue electroporation
Live imaging of synapses in vivo

Conditional knockout mice and transgenics:

Generation of conditional KO mice
Mouse colony maintenance 
Sperm freezing​
Behavioral studies
Muscle physiology